Data recovery in Manaus

The Bot Recuperação de Dados provides the data recovery service in Manaus since 2015. At this time we were already a national leader in data recovery and we decided to expand our activities to two major cities, Manaus and Vitória, which lacked companies with technical capacity and specialized in handling high-tech storage devices and professional data recovery, such as Bot. This unit is part of Bot’s third expansion movement across the country. For more information please contact us at 92-3090-0339 and 31-994081000, or through our social networks.

Our data recovery unit in Manaus is located at the following address:

Rua Salvador, 120 – 12º– Adrianópolis.


Data recovery in Manaus: Shipping Ways.

Bot offers several options for you to send your device to one of our units. The first step to be taken is to fill out the form on our website at this link. The budget will be made after filling out the form and delivery of the device to one of our units. For added convenience, Bot offers free pickup service at your home, free reverse logistics for customers in cities that do not have bot service or you can deliver it yourself to one of our units.

Understand how our shipping methods work: Free pickup.
In cities that have bot’s face-to-face service, we offer the customer the option of having their device collected in their residence by one of our employees. This measure was already part of our plans and its implementation was advanced with the arrival of COVID-19 in Brazil. When filling out the form to start data recovery, through your zip code, the system will identify whether the collection service is available to your address. Before the device is collected, we advise you to identify the device with your OS number and pack it into a box that avoids impacts.

Understand how our shipping methods work: Reverse logistics.
For customers in the interior of the state or cities that do not have the service of Bot Recuperação de Dados, we offer the option to be carried out the shipment via SEDEX without costs. After completing the form, simply request the reverse logistics label. The process is simple and free of charge, just print the label, pack the device well and go to a post office unit. For more information on how to pack your device, see our post on shipping care at this link.

Andhere’s how our shipping methods work: Hand delivery.
If the customer does not feel comfortable sending the device for data retrieval, the customer may dirifgir up one of our units and deliver the device personally to one of our receptionists. We have service units in Belo Horizonte – MG, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, São Paulo – SP, Campinas – SP, Porto Alegre – RS, Curitiba – PR, São Bernardo do Campo – SP, Vitória – ES, Manaus – AM, Salvador – BA, Florianópolis – SC and Brasília – DF.

Data recovery in Manaus: SSD recovery.

The Bot Recuperação de Dados offers the most advanced technology in the SSD data recovery process. This type of device requires high technical capacity for handling and performing data recovery processes, as it is a high-tech storage device and complex integrated circuits, requiring the constant improvement of our technicians and the tools that are used in data recovery processes.
The Bot retrieves data from any SSD device, regardless of the problem. Trust those who have experience and equipment specific to this type of work. If you need data recovery in Manaus trust your device to Bot. .

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