When it comes to technology, the care for the devices must be the same for everyone. Whether it’s a smartphone, an external hard drive, a flash drive, a notebook or a tablet. These are devices that need more care and attention.
The external hard drive, for example, has an average service life of 6 years. However, many unforeseen events can happen in the middle of the way. Some fall, have mechanical wear, electronic failures and need to go through a file recovery process.
The inside of an HD has several components that are essential for the device to function properly, and because it is a mechanical device, it can be worn out and faulty, such as a car, for example.
Here are some essential precautions you should take with your external hard drive!


Caution when transporting and handling the HD.

The great benefit of the external HD is the mobility that the device provides to users, allowing them to carry large amounts of data when travelling, for example. Your files will always be at your disposal. However, remember that the device is sensitive to impacts and needs more attention when being transported. Store in a safe place, if possible, coating the HD in a soft cloth, as well as the protective case, avoiding falls and mechanical impacts on the device.
Recovering data from hard drives is possible. It is necessary in this case to identify the problem by a qualified professional and perform the necessary procedures to reduce the chances of permanent loss of the files.
Be aware of the correct use of the external hard drive to avoid abrupt shutdown of the computer, perform the correct procedure for removing the hard drive, as well as pay attention to viruses. Do not connect your external hard drive to a computer that is not yours or not reliable.


Avoid leaving the HD constantly connected to the computer.

To extend the life of your external hard drive, avoid leaving it constantly connected to the computer or other device at times when it is not being used. This procedure does not ensure that the HD will not fail, but precisely because it is a mechanical device, it is subject to wear and tear, so by taking this precaution you will increase the life of the mechanical components, reduce wear and tear and prevent electronic failures that may occur. In case of problems, you can count on the Bot to perform file recovery.


Back up the data periodically.

Another essential precaution when you have an external hard drive is to periodically perform the recovery of stored data, that is, the data backup. The backup can be done to another external hard drive, to a computer or notebook, or even to the cloud. This way, it is possible to avoid possible data losses, thus protecting the information.

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