The smartphone has become an indispensable tool in our routine. To get an idea, Brazil appears in 5th place in the ranking of daily use of mobile devices.
Now imagine the amount of data generated every day. Photos, conversations, work information, projects, audios, videos… Losing information, whether due to damage to the device or accidental loss, can generate a lot of headache.
That’s why the service to recover cellular data is increasingly being sought. The challenge is to find reliable and skilled professionals to correctly perform data recovery.
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Recovering data from your cell phone, how to do it safely?

If you need to recover files on your phone, you will find many tips from programs that promise to reverse this situation. It turns out that this is not always recommended, as it can cause damage to the device, loss and leakage of information due to the use of unreliable programs and tools. Thus, the ideal is to look for a professional, who can choose the safest way to recover data from the client’s phone without causing damage to the device.
In addition, there is also the question of confidence in leaving your smartphone in good hands. After all, every day we share personal information that cannot be leaked.
Today there are professional tools that perform this procedure with positive results. However, the most important thing is that you do this with a specialized company. Thus, it will not only ensure the recovery of your smartphone’s data, but also have the security that your information is protected.

What can cause data loss?

From system errors to accidental losses to more serious problems such as viruses.
Every mobile phone, like other electronic devices, can suffer from data loss.
Check out the most common causes:

  • Viruses

External threats and viruses happen a lot on mobile, causing a lot of damage to users. But it is possible to recover data from the mobile phone in such situations.

The recommendation of experts is to avoid the use of unreliable websites and programs. Also, try to use antivirus to provide the device with a minimum of security.

  • Software failures

Another common cause for losing data on a mobile phone is software failures. And they can be caused by several factors, such as outdated system, problems in the operating system, among others.

  • Mismanagement of the user

The mobile phone user can cause data to be lost accidentally, sometimes even through misadministration of the device. Incorrect saving of files, lack of backup, among other factors.

Recoverable files

Several files stored on a mobile phone can be retrieved. Some files that can be retrieved by the procedure of retrieving data from the phone:

  • photos;
  • videos;
  • documents in various formats and sizes;
  • data from chat applications and social networks.

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