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When it comes to data retrieval, we’re always looking for the best. Therefore, Bot is an official partner and reseller of ACELab, the world leader in professional data recovery tools (PC-3000)

The ACE Laboratory (Czech Republic)

ACELab is internationally recognized as the pioneer and leader for 27 years in the development of solutions for data recovery and evidence of the widest range of storage devices. Através da linha de produtos PC-3000, fornece as ferramentas profissionais de recuperação de dados mais avançadas, abrangentes e confiáveis do mundo.




What is PC-3000?

The PC-3000 is a cutting-edge professional solution, indispensable for a
data recovery business that integrates all functions. Other equipment and internet software can handle only very few cases of data recovery, but with a PC-3000 you can expect success in data recovery.

Which PC-3000 meets your project?

Each PC-3000 is a software and hardware solution for the diagnosis, repair and data recovery from SATA/IDE, SAS, SCSI, SSD, Mobile, RAID, NAND and monolithic devices.

PC-3000 UDMA

The best-selling and initial product for daily use in any professional data recovery lab.

3 Ports - 2 SATA + 1 PATA

MB/s extraction speed

Disks to recover at the same time

PC-3000 Express

The best data recovery solution when customers time and recovery speed are top priorities.

6 Port - 4 SATA + 2 PATA

MB/s extraction speed

Disks to recover at the same time

PC-3000 Portable III

Totally new equipment for data retrieval at the customer site.

4 Ports - 3 SATA + 1 USB

MB/s speed of SATA + USB ports

Disks to recover at the same time

PC-3000 SSD

State-of-the-art exclusive solution for
recover SSDs.

Supported Manufacturers:

A-DATA, AMD, Corsair, Crucial, G. Skill, GoodRam, Intel, Kingspec, Kingston, Lexar, Lite-On, Micron, OCZ, Patriot, Plextor, PNY, QUMO, RevuAhn, RunCore, Samsung, SanDisk, Seagate, Silicon Power, Smartbuy, Toshiba, Transcend, WD, etc.


Equipment fully geared for repair and recovery of professional data on SAS or SCSI drives.

4 Ports - 4 SAS/SCSI

MB/s extraction speed

Disks to recover at the same time

PC-3000 Flash 4.0

Advanced mode equipment for the most successful data recovery of NAND Flash devices.

Supports multiple NAND-based devices such as: USB, SD, microSD, Memory Stick (MS), xD, MMC, CF, voice recorder, etc., even if there is no access by conventional means.

PC-3000 Mobile

PC-3000 Mobile is a software and hardware solution designed to recover data from mobile devices, such as mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and others.

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