That dreamy project finally started to flow. Weeks of work, everything saved on your notebook, but one incident caused you to lose all your files.

Have you ever been through this complicated situation?

The data recovery service is the right procedure for those who have just lost important files and documents. Whether it’s damage to the storage device, formatting, or even accidental deletion.

When we’re working, we usually use devices like computers, laptops, USB flash drives and smartphones. Therefore, the vast majority of our projects and activities are carried out and saved in these electronic devices. The loss of this data is one of the problems that can be faced by the user.

The good news is that, regardless of the problem, it is possible to perform procedures to recover data of any kind.


Data recovery: how to start the process?

If you have lost your files, without a doubt the best option is to look for a company specialized in data recovery.

Through a safe and appropriate environment for manipulation of devices, the specialized company works respecting international norms and standards. All this to ensure the customer the necessary security to make the data recovery efficiently.

The data of our customers are confidential and, even during the analysis process, we always have the care and respect for privacy, meeting the most demanding standards of security and confidentiality.

Here at Bot, you start data recovery immediately through our site. It all starts with the provision of some information, then we will receive your device and make the analysis of it in our laboratories. Each type of situation requires different procedures and specialized equipment to perform the recovery of your files.


Advantages of hiring a company specialized in data recovery:

Although there are several tutorials on the Internet teaching you how to make unprofessional attempts at data recovery, the hiring of a specialized company will provide you with a much greater security and guarantee of having your data back.

Trying to recover this data without technical knowledge, without using the appropriate tools, equipment and software may aggravate the situation of the device, and may make it difficult and even impossible to perform data recovery.

Check out below some advantages of hiring a company specialized in data recovery:

  • Security in the handling and manipulation of devices;
  • Professionals trained in the best and most current data recovery tools;
  • Absolute secrecy of the recovered information;
  • Specific programs and tools to perform each necessary step;
  • Agile and reliable recovery of lost information.

Don’t despair, your files can be recovered!

Bot is in the market since 2010, we are leader in the segment and we are ready to help you! Talk to our experts right now and clarify your doubts!