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Multinational Leader in Professional Data Recovery

We are Bot Data Recovery®, a leading multinational company in professional data recovery services with over a decade of experience. We have dozens of service units spread across Brazil and Portugal and more than 100.000 successful cases, thus making us a reference in this segment.

Important data is often accidentally lost when formatting a computer or when a disk is dropped. Therefore, we are one of the only data recovery companies to offer services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in addition to offering the lowest prices with easy payment terms.

Our focus is always to improve our success rate in recoveries every day, which is why we have high-tech laboratories, professional equipment, clean room class 100, the best accessories for mechanical and electronic works, international solutions and partnerships with the best manufacturers .

Our main value is commitment and transparency with customers who have lost their data, whether by answering their questions, their e-mails, filling out a form for their failed device or providing as much information as possible about the data recovery process.

Each customer we serve receives a complete proposal that includes device diagnosis, necessary services, recovery costs and estimated delivery time, all without obligation. No matter what device or operating system, our professionals will exhaust all possible recovery techniques to recover your files back.

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To offer a quality, reliable and ethical service, through which our customers can recover the data contained in their storage devices in the shortest possible time, benefiting from an honest process and with fair commercial practices.

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To remain a leading company in data recovery in Brazil and Portugal, managing to offer an efficient service in these countries and also internationally. To be a company recognized and respected as one of the main institutions of professional data recovery in the world.

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Our core values define a set of shared business beliefs and the operational strategy for governing and expanding our business. They are: Honesty, Convenience, Commitment, Engagement, Focus and Confidentiality.


Where we come from, where we are and where we are going …

2010: Starting Point

Bot started in a 16m2 office, in Belo Horizonte (City in the Southeast of Brazil), with a sole purpose: to help a lot of desperate people to recover irreplaceable data. We researched the market, looking for cutting-edge technologies, investigating thoroughly the subject.

2011 – 2012: Set the wheels in motion!

In 2011, we inaugurated our three first customers centers. We went to Curitiba, Porto Alegre and Salvador (Brazilian cities) and, soon we open two more Customer Services in Brasília and Campinas (Brazilian cities) .

2013 – 2014: Run, Bot, Run!

The name “Bot” started to be well-known all over Brazil, then, when we least expected, we were already in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. As if it were not enough, we also celebrated a new phase in the office of Belo Horizonte, by moving to a 10 times bigger place in one of the wealthiest regions of the city. Yeah!!

2015 – 2016: To infinity and beyond!

After solving the cases of more than 12 thousand people, we started to work with big companies. We worked in cases of the Federal Government, multinational companies, airlines, summing up, we kept growing. At that time, we became National Leaders of Data Recovery and we also opened new Customer Services in Vitória and Manaus (cities in Southeast and North of Brazil, respectively). Hurray!

2017 – 2018: Departed, Portugal!

In 2017, we celebrated the range of 15 Bot offices in Brazil. At same year we started to plan our expansion to other fields, launching our first courses in Data Recovery and the first offices in Portugal. Lisbon and Porto.

2019 – 2020: Neither ten, nor a hundred, nor a thousand.

In 2019, Bot reached 10,000% growth compared to the year of birth (2010). It is a great achievement! To commemorate this result, we renewed the our brand, our colors and have reformulated the way we communicate with the customer.

Recovering data in complex cases for over 13 years


privacidade recuperação de dados

For your privacy, Bot signs below

Policy of secure data return

The data recovered can be sent back to the clients through secure transfer protocols or removable physical media protected by password, according to their choice.

Secure Servers

All the data recovered is stored on Bot servers with access protections.

Security update system

The safety of the systems is constantly monitored and updated to prevent all sorts of possible electronic attacks.

Data elimination policy

Bot stores the data recovered for a maximum period of five working days after the notification of receipt. The data is destroyed in a safe way, according to the international standards.

Physical Security

All the BOT servers and labs are located in stealthy places and with restricted access.

Access restrictions

Our employees have limited access to the data recovered and, every one of them have to sign a complete confidentiality term.

Recover your Data with us!

Bot can help you recover data from any of your devices. From the largest companies or even a home user who may have lost their data. Trust our specialists.