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Welcome to Bot Data Recovery. More than a decade solving the most complex cases of professional data loss and recovery.

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Bot works with the maximum clean room concept. Here, your device is examined in a closed environment, with rigorous particle control certified by the US Federal Standards 209 standard.

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Data Recovery in Manaus

Data Recovery in Manaus

Data recovery in ManausThe Bot Recuperação de Dados provides the data recovery service in Manaus since 2015. At this time we were already a national leader in data recovery and we decided to expand our activities to two major cities, Manaus and Vitória, which lacked...

Data Recovery in Belo Horizonte

Data Recovery in Belo Horizonte

Data recovery in Belo Horizonte Bot has been starting up its data recovery activities in Belo Horizonte for more than 10 years. By purpose of helping people recover irreplaceable data, we research the market, look for the best technologies and dive into the subject....