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Definitive deletion of data or files from any device.

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When it comes to data retrieval, we’re always looking for the best. Therefore, Bot is an official partner of ACELab, the world leader in professional equipment for data recovery. If you need any ACELab equipment, talk to us.

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Essential care with your external hard drive.

Essential care with your external hard drive.

When it comes to technology, the care for the devices must be the same for everyone. Whether it's a smartphone, an external hard drive, a flash drive, a notebook or a tablet. These are devices that need more care and attention. The external hard drive, for example,...

Is it possible to retrieve cellular data?

Is it possible to retrieve cellular data?

The smartphone has become an indispensable tool in our routine. To get an idea, Brazil appears in 5th place in the ranking of daily use of mobile devices. Now imagine the amount of data generated every day. Photos, conversations, work information, projects, audios,...

Corrupted Flash Drive: How to recover?

Corrupted Flash Drive: How to recover?

The use of the flash drive has become more and more common due to the ease of storing data and being able to transport it much more conveniently. However, because it is more fragile, it is quite common for the device to corrupt, making the files inaccessible. But...