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Our specialty is the recovery of SSD of any brand, model or file system. The lost data can be quickly recovered, regardless of whether the SSD has fallen, malfunctioned, corrupted or deleted files.
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SSD Recovery

What is SSD data recovery?

Data recovery is the set of procedures required to securely extract files contained in storage devices that encounter any problems that prevent access to the data.
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Bot offers solutions for recovering data from SSDs that have suffered a crash, asking to format, malfunctioning card, accidental formatting, firmware failure, virus attack and many others.

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How does the SSD recovery process work?

It all starts by filling out our form. There you can choose whether you want your device to be analyzed urgently (12H), priority (24H) or free (48H) and you can also choose to request a free collection or inform that you want to deliver it at one of our receptions.
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Once completed, you will receive your form number and all instructions by email.

After receiving your device, we will make the analysis and budget within the chosen time frame. Immediately after approval, we will begin SSD data recovery procedures. These are complex procedures and are most often done in a laboratory equipped with an environment free of dust particles, called clean rooms.

When there are data loss situations, looking for a company that specializes in data recovery like Bot is very important. A single SSD recovery attempt without the right knowledge and equipment can make professional data recovery impossible.

How much does it cost to recover SSD data?

The price of an SSD recovery is set according to the complexity of the problem. This price does not depend on the amount of data to be recovered or the capacity of the device and to present it, it is necessary to make a complete analysis.
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In this analysis we will evaluate the entire electronic structure of the SSD, check the possibilities of recovering the data from the SSD, the details of the service execution and only then present the diagnosis and budget.

The prices of a professional data recovery service vary widely, but to help you get a better idea of the costs we can say that SSD recovery services start from 100€ or R$ 700. Because we are market leaders in data recovery,we have a higher volume of service and that’s why we are also known to practice the best prices and get the best results.

We recall that in order to have an accurate budget, it is necessary to analyze and diagnose. Bot offers free, no-obligation analysis and even free collection by express shipping to one of our laboratories, if necessary. To start the process just click here

Data recovery from SSDs in just 4 steps:


Free shipping or delivery at reception


Free quote (48h), priority (24h) or urgency (12h)


Normal or urgent data recovery


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Budgets in three modalities: normal (48h), priority (24h) or urgency (12h). Recovery with 24/7/365 emergency team.
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Free shipping of your device by express shipping, for analysis, at any address! Apply now!
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Free budget and analysis even in cases of devices open or evaluated by other companies.

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Services performed in Portugal or Brasil and in own laboratories. We do not ship devices to partners or abroad.
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Adequacy to the GDPR and services that follow the parameters of quality, privacy and security established worldwide.
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Clean Room Bot

Bot works with the maximum clean room concept. Here, your device is examined in a closed environment, with rigorous particle control certified by the US Federal Standards 209 standard.
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