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Sometimes, erasing and/or formatting is not enough. You need to make the data unrecoverable or unreadable. That’s what the data destruction service is for, to give you the security that the data will not be accessed, all with security and a detailed report at the end of the process.

Destruction methods

How we securely destroy your data

We use three main methods of data destruction: Logical Destruction (defined by the US defense department), Electronic and Mechanical. See the details below:


Logical destruction (DoD Method - 5220.22-M)

Method defined by the American Department of Defense. Data is erased by writing Bit patterns to all physical sectors of the device and consists of 4 steps:

1: Overwrite all sectors of the disk with the binary pattern “00”;
2: Overwrite all sectors of the disk with their binary complement, i.e. “11”;
3: Overwrite all sectors on the disk with random binary patterns.
4: Verification of the random overwrite performed in the last process, confirming safe and permanent erasure of the data.


Electronic destruction

Checking and mapping of critical circuits;

Destruction of the mapped electronic circuits;

Reading and cleaning the BIOS of the electronic board.


Mechanical destruction

Checking and mapping of critical circuits;

Burnout of the reading head actuator;

Demagnetization and destruction of the magnetic plate surfaces.

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Deadlines according to your urgency

There are three types of budgets: normal (48h), priority (24h), or urgency (12h). 24/7/365 emergency team recovery.

Free shipping and quotation

We offer a free quote and even ship your device, for analysis, from any address in Brazil!

Protected Data Delivery Option

Encryption technologies, to prevent your data from circulating unprotected.

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We deliver your recovered, cleaned and organized data for free, to ensure you have a great experience!

Privacy and Security

LGPD compliance and services that follow the quality, privacy, and security parameters established worldwide.

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99% of customers satisfied with our services. The average rating received by Bot customers on social networks is 4.9 out of 5.

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