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Deadlines according to your urgency

There are three types of budgets: normal (48h), priority (24h), or urgency (12h). 24/7/365 emergency team recovery.

Free shipping and quotation

We offer a free quote and even ship your device, for analysis, from any address in Brazil!

Protected Data Delivery Option

Encryption technologies, to prevent your data from circulating unprotected.

Careful delivery

We deliver your recovered, cleaned and organized data for free, to ensure you have a great experience!

Privacy and Security

LGPD compliance and services that follow the quality, privacy, and security parameters established worldwide.

Great reputation

99% of customers satisfied with our services. The average rating received by Bot customers on social networks is 4.9 out of 5.

More than 29 service centers spread throughout Brazil and Portugal

São Paulo – Santo André – Coimbra – Rio de Janeiro – Belém – Porto – Lisbon – Florianópolis – Braga – Campinas – Jundiaí – Vitória – Belo Horizonte – Brasília – Goiânia – Porto Alegre – Salvador – Fortaleza – Manaus Recife – Curitiba – Guarulhos


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Are you an IT consultant, a technology, computer, telecommunications service provider, or a computer maintenance company?

Differentiate yourself from your competitors by offering recovery services and show that you value your customers’ data (and generate extra revenue from it).

Our partner program will give you all of this, and with commissions of up to 25% per referral.

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out of 5, our average in
+ 900 reviews


Extreme Care

WhiteRoom® Bot

We care so much about your data that we have created a room just for this. Bot WhiteRoom® has strict particle control, certified to US Federal Standards 209, which ensures that nothing will damage your equipment, let alone your data.

What do you need to know?

The price of the recovery service varies depending on the complexity of the problem and is not related to the capacity of the device or the amount of data to be recovered. To determine the price, it is necessary to perform a detailed analysis of the electronic/mechanical structure of the device, assess the damage caused, identify the possibilities of recovery, and evaluate the details required to perform the service. For full transparency, we have created a page that shows the initial prices of the services: prices of data recovery services.
  • In cash with a 5% discount via bank transfer or PIX;
  • Payment in up to 12 installments without interest on the credit card;
  • We also accept payment by bank payment slip (clearing time: 1 to 2 working days).

We offer different delivery options for the recovered data, depending only on the total amount:

  • For up to 2GB of recovered data, the data is sent to a secure server, and we send a download link to you by e-mail.
  • For up to 60GB of recovered data, the data is copied onto a Bot flash drive at no additional charge.
  • For 60GB or more of recovered data, it is necessary to write it to an external HD or HDD. You can bring a new or used hard drive with enough space available, or you can purchase one with Bot. We have options of 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, or larger, and we are happy to help you choose the best option for your needs.

Bot and even no data recovery company can recover 100% of the cases it receives. This is because there are conditions where even the best existing methods cannot work. In cases where there has already been improper opening and tampering with the device and cases that have gone through many recovery companies without success are 2 examples.

Here at Bot we manage to maintain a very high average recovery rate of 95% of the cases we receive, but of course this can be affected by many factors. For this reason, we can only talk about the real possibilities of each case after analysis and budgeting for the laboratory.

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