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Historically, the question we receive most often when we first contact our clients is “how much does data recovery cost?”. It’s understandable, the data recovery service is offered by few specialized companies in the country, it’s a restricted activity with little information available in the media and a person may never need this service in their life. Our initial answer is always the same: “It depends!”.

Performing a data recovery process is never the same, even if it is carried out on the same device, with the same problem. This, to a certain point, makes us more passionate about our work, as we are always faced with a new challenge.

Because of this difference between each job, we need to analyze various criteria to determine the amount that will be charged for the data recovery service. See below how Bot Data Recovery determines the prices for its professional services.

Condition and handling of the device:

It would be great for our technicians and for the client themselves if we received all devices without previous attempts at data recovery, not always by people with the technical skills to handle the device. Statistically, services that arrive at our laboratories handled and/or in a poor state of repair have a lower chance of obtaining positive results. In this case, it is essential that the client looks for professional companies that specialize in data recovery and do not open and alter the device during the analysis, such as Bot Data Recovery. This criterion is not decisive in terms of value, but it does have a significant influence on another criterion that we will see below, which is the complexity of the data recovery service.

Availability of parts and components:

Recovering data from disks and other storage devices requires parts and components that will be altered and replaced so that we can access the data, and it may be necessary to use several ‘kits’ of components in the same case. Therefore, our professionals always assess the availability and “rarity” of the device on the market.

The cause of data loss:.

The problem presented by the device is a major (but not decisive) factor in determining the value of professional data recovery services. The most common causes of data loss are problems of a mechanical, electronic, logical nature, data deletion or even more than one of these at the same time. These problems have different forms of intervention and workflow in our laboratory, requiring professional data recovery equipment and tools for each specific case.

Complexity of the data recovery service:

This is the determining factor in knowing the value of data recovery services for disks and other devices. As we have said, each case is different and each service will have its own particularities and ways of working. This is why we only quote with the device in hand. It is essential that our technicians analyze all the factors presented above, which will directly and indirectly determine the complexity of the case. For this reason, the complexity of the data recovery service is a kind of product of the other criteria described above, making it a decisive factor in determining the amounts that will be charged for data recovery services.

It is important to remember that the amounts charged do not depend on the amount of data to be recovered or the capacity of the device that has the problem. Normally, to recover a file or all the files on the device, we will have to perform basically the same service. Knowing the factors we look at in our assessment, you will be able to see why our initial answer is “it depends!”.

Therefore, to complement the initial answer, we always inform you that the prices of our professional data recovery services start at €200 (see our page on data recovery prices). Our quote is free and without obligation, and it is also possible to contract quotes and data recovery on an emergency basis.

If you need to recover your data, trust us with over a decade of experience and the technical skills to get your data back.


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