Recover USB flash drive: corrupted, formatted or broken

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What is flash drive data recovery?

Data recovery is the set of procedures required to safely extract files from storage devices that have data access problems.

If you want to recover a USB flash drive, Bot offers solutions for cases of crashes, formatting requests, burnt out cards, accidental formatting, firmware failure, virus attacks and many others.



How does the flash drive recovery process work?

It all starts with filling out our form. There, you can choose whether you want your device analyzed urgently (12H), as a priority (24H), or for free (48H). In addition, you can choose to request free shipping by express courier (SEDEX) or inform us that you want it delivered to one of our locations.

Once you have completed filling it out, you will receive your form number and all instructions by e-mail.

After we receive your device, we will analyze it and give you a quote within the timeframe you have chosen. Immediately after approval, we will start the flash drive data recovery procedures. These procedures are complex and must be performed in an equipped laboratory free of dust particles, called clean rooms.

When there are data loss situations, looking for a specialized company like Bot is very important. A single attempt to recover USB flash drive without the proper knowledge and equipment can make data recovery impossible.

How to recover a corrupted USB flash drive

Having a corrupted flash drive means that your data is no longer accessible. Data can be corrupted for many reasons, such as electronic failures, virus attacks, software problems, and sudden impacts.

The physical structure of the flash drive, small and lightweight, is conducive to drops and physical problems, which can corrupt the device.

In addition, it is also common for electronic failures to occur, since the flash drive uses flash memory technology, which exchanges data by means of an electronic board. So when this board has problems or burns out its components, data can be lost.

To recover a corrupted flash drive, it is important to identify the causes of the problem. Ideally, this should be done by specialized professionals who have the knowledge, equipment, and environments to do this.

Then data recovery procedures must be adopted, which include forced reading, repetitive readings in damaged areas, and other processes.

In addition, you may need to run data reconstruction programs, format the flash drive, and use other specialized procedures. So, it is best to get professional help to recover a corrupted USB flash drive.

How to recover formatted USB flash drive

A formatted flash drive has had all its data erased, which can happen intentionally or accidentally. When you regret deleting your data, or end up doing so unintentionally, it may be necessary to trigger data recovery.

It is possible to recover data from a formatted flash drive because it is still stored on the device, but in a fragmented form. You just can’t overwrite them with other files, so stop using the flash drive as soon as you notice the problem. Then you need to recover the file index from the flash drive, which allows you to access them again.

Once again, the ideal is that a specialized company performs this service, since it requires specific programs and tools, as well as knowledge on the subject.

How to Recover Burned USB Flash Drive

A burned flash drive probably had its electronic board burned out. This usually happens because many people have the habit of taking the flash drive out of the computer without removing it safely by the system. In addition, sudden power outages can also occur, which can also cause electronic crashes.

To recover a burned USB flash drive, professional intervention is a must. After all, it is necessary to open the device and exchange it for functional components, which should only be done in controlled environments with full safety and cleanliness guarantees.

How much does it cost to recover data from USB sticks?

The price of a flash drive recovery is defined by the complexity of the problem. This price does not depend on the amount of data to be recovered or the capacity of the device, but rather on a complete analysis to assess the complexity of the case.

In this analysis, we will evaluate the entire electronic structure of the flash drive, verify the possibilities of data recovery, the details of the service execution, and only then present the diagnosis and budget.

Prices for a professional data recovery service vary greatly. But to help you get a better idea of the costs, we can say that services to recover USB sticks start at $700. Because we are the market leader in data recovery, we have a higher volume of service, and are also known to have the best prices and get the best results.

It is important to remember that to have an accurate budget, it is necessary to analyze and diagnose. Bot offers free, no obligation analysis, and free express shipping to one of our labs if needed.


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