SSD: Understand what it is and its advantages

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Have you ever thought about how many files and documents a company, or even an individual, uses every day?

Can you imagine losing all that and having to recover the data?

Photos, text documents, PDFs, e-books, videos, spreadsheets, audios, personal projects… Faced with this new reality, some storage options have emerged, such as the solid state drive – SSD.

Do you know what is an SSD?

The SSD is a storage unit composed by flash memory that outperforms the traditional hard disk.

The SSD has been touted as one of the best storage options. However, as everything is susceptible to problems, you need to recover data from these devices correctly.

SSD recovery, is it possible?

SSD data recovery can be done by specialized professionals, who will use specific tools and programs to recover the files safely. Usually, the processes are more complex and require specific tools for this type of device, and it may be necessary to “transplant” memory chips.

Advantages of SSD:

The SSD has a higher capacity for loading the operating system, files and programs, so it’s an excellent choice for storing files safely, especially for companies and self-employed professionals who deal with large amounts of data on a daily basis.

Even though the SSD is a modern and secure data storage device, some problems can occur. Whether from viruses and other threats, human error or even other damage to the device.

When such problems occur, SSD recovery must be carried out. After the analysis, the professional will inform the client of the damage and which steps will be taken to recover the data from the SSD.

Advantages of SSD compared to conventional HDD:

  • The drive is much smaller, occupying less space;
  • Modernized structure;
  • It is fast, with a speed of up to 5x that of a hard disk;
  • It increases computer performance;
  • More resistant, being less destructive in case of falls, but it is not indestructible and can fail just like other types of equipment;
  • Allows files and programs to be loaded much faster;
  • It consumes less electricity.


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