How do I recover deleted files from my phone and computer?

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Have you ever deleted files from your phone or computer by mistake? Have you ever formatted a device and then regretted it? Almost everyone has experienced these situations, haven’t they? And when it happens, you can be desperate to recover the deleted files!

Often, we’re talking about important documents that shouldn’t be lost – company financial spreadsheets, photos from a lifetime ago, a college assignment due the following week. But once they’ve been deleted, is it possible to recover them?

In this article, we’ll tell you the solution! There’s no need to despair: here’s how to recover files deleted from your computer’s Recycle Bin, USB stick, memory card or any other device you use. Follow along!

recuperar arquivos apagados

Is it possible to recover deleted files?

Deleting files accidentally is very common. It’s no coincidence that the computer usually asks: “Are you sure you want to delete this file?”. But even with confirmation, you may delete the wrong file or regret it…

However, files can also be deleted by formatting. Formatting means erasing everything stored on the device, including the operating system.

This can be done in critical situations, such as virus attacks or general failure, in an attempt to “reset” the device to restore its functionality. The problem is that formatting, whether intentional or accidental, can delete important files that you don’t want to lose.

So let’s take a detailed look at how the process of deleting files works in such cases and whether it’s possible to recover them.

Deleted files

Yes, it is possible to recover deleted files. But recovery will depend on how you deleted them and the device they were stored on.

On a computer or laptop, manually deleted files go to the device’s Recycle Bin. It offers a safe storage for deleted files, with a capacity relative to a percentage of the disk. When the Recycle Bin reaches its limit, the oldest files are deleted automatically.

There, you can simply click on Restore and recover all the files in their original folders. But it’s not always that simple.

If you’ve deleted a file that’s larger than the Recycle Bin’s capacity or you’ve chosen to delete an item permanently, it’s not possible to restore it.

Also, not all devices have a Recycle Bin. Windows or Mac computers usually do, but external devices (memory cards, USB sticks and external disks), cell phones and tablets don’t have a Recycle Bin. When you delete a file from the SD card, for example, even while connected to a laptop, it is permanently deleted.

But don’t worry: the file doesn’t disappear for good. In fact, the device only deletes references to the file for the user. That item remains in the device’s memory, but in fragmented form. As long as the space occupied by the file is not overwritten, you can recover it with data recovery software and procedures.

Formatted files

Yes, it is also possible to recover files deleted when formatting a device. But in this case, it is not possible to restore them to the Recycle Bin.

When a device is formatted, all stored files are permanently deleted. This is different from user deletion, which relies on manual selection and, on laptops and PCs, even moves items to the Recycle Bin.

Formatting involves the same process of permanent deletion that we explained earlier. The files don’t disappear completely – they are still stored, in fragmented form, but inaccessible to the user. However, it is still possible to recover them using software and data recovery processes.

Can formatting be reversed?

Reversing a format is not possible. Once you’ve deleted all the files and systems, you can’t go back.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t recover what was stored or installed on your computer, cell phone, tablet and other devices, as long as the items haven’t been overwritten.

Please note that this process is not exactly “unformatting”. You will only have access to the files again, but data recovery does not restore the system in its entirety, exactly as it was before.

How do I recover deleted files from WhatsApp?

A primeira forma de emergência de fazer a recuperação de ficheiros no WhatsApp é apagando a aplicação e o reinstalando logo de seguida.
A cada 24 horas, o WhatsApp realiza um backup de todo o conteúdo, e assim pode recuperar ficheiros apagados, seja acidentalmente ou por erro de sistema. Basta apagar a aplicação e ao instalar, irá conseguir aceder a todas as conversas e ficheiros trocados na plataforma.

Recover deleted files with specific programs

In addition to the first step we mentioned above, you can use specific programs to recover lost information and files on your cell phone or other electronic media.

You can use a file manager, as it allows you to locate data and information that has been lost or deleted.

Now, if you have tried these alternatives and have been unsuccessful, the best way to recover files on your cell phone is through a company that specializes in this service.

Advantages of hiring a data recovery company

Opting for a specialized service when it comes to recovering deleted files is always the best choice to guarantee effective recovery without causing any damage to your cell phone.

Here are some of the reasons to look for a service that specializes in recovering deleted messages and other files:

  • Security to carry out the procedure without damaging the device or other files;
  • Fast recovery of lost data and files;
  • Tools and specific knowledge of systems, devices and device brands;

Here at Bot, we perform file recovery securely. We can help you get your lost WhatsApp messages back.

Talk to our experts now!

How do I recover deleted files?

As we’ve already seen, recovering deleted files – manually or by formatting – is possible.

Okay, if you have a backup of the files, in the cloud or on another device, there’s nothing to worry about. Simply access the documents in the backup storage to get them back. This is a preventative measure for accidental file loss that will save you a lot of headaches!

But we don’t always have all our data backed up. So let’s take a look at the solutions for recovering deleted files in different situations:

How to recover deleted files from Recycle Bin

If you have permanently deleted files from your computer’s Recycle Bin, recovery is a little more complex than simply clicking Restore.

Before you take any action, disconnect the device. If you want to recover all the files, it’s important not to save, install or use anything else on the device until the files have been recovered. Otherwise, you could overwrite the data and make it difficult or even impossible to recover.

Then you need to start the data recovery process, using qualified tools and professionals.

Yes, you can try this at home. There is software that allows you to recover deleted data (you’ll see some options below). But this process requires care. Any mistaken manipulation of the files and the device could put all the data at risk and even make recovery unfeasible.

We therefore recommend that you seek professional help to recover deleted files from Recycle Bin safely. A company specializing in data recovery, such as Bot, knows how to handle each situation and works with the most qualified software for the job.

How to recover deleted files from a USB flash drive

If files have been deleted from a USB flash drive, there is no Recycle Bin to easily restore the files. The deletion is permanent.

Or rather: there is no Recycle Bin visible to the user. The first solution you can use to recover deleted files from the USB flash drive is to use the Windows Command Prompt to display the Recycle Bin folder, which is normally hidden. It stores data that has been deleted recently, and your files may be there.

However, we only recommend this method if you are already computer literate, as any wrong command can cause serious errors.

You can also use software, as we explained earlier, but it’s worth warning again that this process requires care.

That’s why it’s always recommended that you seek out a specialized company before taking any action that could put an end to your chances of recovering your data.

How do I recover deleted files from my phone’s SD card?

SD cards (Secure Digital Card) and their variations (MiniSD and MicroSD) are commonly used in Android phones, digital cameras and other devices. They are used to store photos, videos, music and other files.

Like the USB flash drive, the SD card doesn’t have a Recycle Bin. But when you insert the card into your computer, you can also use the Windows Command Prompt (only if you’re computer literate) or data recovery software to try to get your files back. With the SD in your phone, you can also use data recovery applications.

But again, what we recommend is seeking help from a specialized company. Give your files to reliable professionals who have experience in these processes and use the right tools.

Is it possible to recover deleted files from a memory card?

The SD card, which we’ve just discussed, is one type of memory card. But there are other types, such as the xD card, Memory Stick and PC Card, which are also used in digital cameras and other devices that need to store files.

Despite the differences between them, such as recording speed and storage capacity, all memory cards have one thing in common: they don’t have Recycle Bin.

So, when you connect them to your computer, you can also try using the Windows Command Prompt or data recovery software, as we explained earlier. However, it’s worth entrusting your data to a specialized company for greater security in this process.

How do I restore what I have deleted from my external disk?

External disks, like USB flash drive and memory cards, are storage devices that don’t have a visible Recycle Bin. So you can also try to find the deleted files in the external disk’s hidden Recycle Bin using the Windows Command Prompt, or use a data recovery tool.

However, you have a better chance of recovering your external drive and keeping your files safe if you enlist the professional help of a specialized company.

How do I recover what was uninstalled?

Deleting files and formatting devices also affects installed programs.

You may uninstall programs manually and then regret it. In that case, you can restore the system to a point prior to uninstalling the program. But be sure of what you’re doing, as this procedure removes applications, drivers and updates installed after the restore point.

If restoring is not possible or if you want more security for this procedure, a company specializing in data recovery can also help you recover uninstalled programs manually.

Formatting the device, on the other hand, wipes everything that is stored on it, including installed programs. In this case, it is impossible to recover the programs with their original settings.

When formatting is done intentionally, you can still save the programs in a backup, with all the data and settings, before doing the procedure. This can be done manually or using software.

The problem is when the computer is formatted accidentally or due to virus attacks. In these cases, the user hardly has a backup of the programs. You then have to reinstall them manually. You can do this by re-downloading each program or by using an application to “download” several programs at once, such as Ninite.

What is the best program to recover deleted files?

Data recovery tools can be a homemade solution for recovering deleted files in simpler situations, such as manually deleting data. Here are some of the tools you can use:

After installing the program, it asks the system to scan the device’s memory for deleted files. Recovery can often be complete, but it’s not always possible, especially if the data has already been overwritten.

It is also important to make some reservations about these tools.

These programs usually have free versions, with limitations on the number of files that can be recovered. So if you need to recover a large volume of data, you’ll probably need a paid version.

In more complex cases, such as corrupted files or material damage to the hard drive, these tools may be limited and not offer a good chance of recovery.

What’s more, mishandling storage devices can cause permanent damage. Therefore, a home-made solution can be dangerous. You don’t want to put important files at risk, do you?

Then seeking professional help is always best. A company specializing in data recovery works with the best equipment, professionals and environments for this process. What’s more, they have experience in the most diverse cases of file loss, from the simplest to the most complex.

So, with professional help, you guarantee total security for your data. And the chances of recovery become much greater – in cases of permanent file deletion, it can be up to 100%.

How Bot can help

Bot is a leader in data recovery in Portugal. We have over 11 years’ experience in the most complex cases of data loss on disks, mobile phones, USB flash drives, memory cards and other devices.

Bot works with the best equipment and software for data recovery, in laboratories with strict particle control, which prevents any damage to the devices. You can count on our security and structure to recover your files, with high success rates.

So, if you or your company needs to recover deleted files from a cell phone or computer, count on Bot’s help. We have several service units and offer free quotes and collection from any address in Portugal.

Fill in the quote form now so we can analyze your case and show you how Bot can help!


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